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Ep. 140 2nd Attempt at the Mike Norris Interview

April 21, 2016 @ 1:00 am

Well I had to replace the original audio for an edited one.  The interview is in its entirety.  However, before the call for about 15-18 minutes, Murphy arrived in all his glory.  I had tech problems with a new laptop (hate Windows 10 by the way), my headphones and boom mic unit broke in half, and I had no replacements available.  Terry and mine audio were horrible.  So I decided to delete those crappy minutes, and just stick with the interview.  If I sound pissy, it is because I am.  Enjoy the interview--lol now, but not last night !!!!

Ok Prepper fans, we are a "Go" for a 2nd attempt at an interview with co-writer and Director of AMERIGEDDON- The Movie, Mike Norris.  We have a confirmation that he will call in at 8:30 pm.  I will also finish up the items from Saturday night.  Special thank you to those that have donated to CRN.   


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Ep.139 Waterborne Diseases And Illness You Need To Know About

April 17, 2016 @ 1:00 am

Tonight, I will be discussing these topics as well as have a guest, Providence Crowder.  The topics will be, What To Do If You Don’t Have A Bug Out Location,  4 Crucial Tools Preppers Need for Their Bunkers,  Eight Survival Myths that will get you killed.  

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Ep. 138 Interview with Mike Norris, co writer and director of Amerigeddon

April 14, 2016 @ 1:00 am

Tonight instead of the Round Table Report, Terry and I will be interviewing our guest, Mike Norris.  Mike Norris co-wrote and directed the movie "Amerigeddon" due to be released next month.  We will only be taking questions via the Chat Room tonight. 

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Ep. 137 10 Hints For The Survival Kitchen

April 10, 2016 @ 1:00 am

Tonight's show will include the above titled subject, as well as,  Busting the Canned Food Expiration Date MYTH, 12 Overlooked Items No One Includes In Their Preps (But Should).  Frontier Supply Company 

Amerigeddon The Movie  Support CRN

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Survival Post Ep 27 Interview with Southern Prepper 1

April 8, 2016 @ 3:00 am

Interview with Southernprepper1.  His book link is here  Remember this episode is pre-recorded so phone numbers and email links are no longer working. 

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Ep. 136 Round Table Report for 6 April 2016

April 7, 2016 @ 1:00 am

Tonight is the Round Table Report (RTR) for 6 April 2016.  Tonight Terry and I will discuss what you the listeners want to talk about when it comes to Prepper and Survivalism topics.  Also here is a link for a motion picture being released next month (May 2016) about an EMP attack on the U.S.  Amerigeddon.  

You need not be a prepping expert to call in and opine on any prepper topic, just a willingness to talk about it and share your thoughts.  Here is a link to Tim Gamble's news site 


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Ep. 135 Electro Magnetic Pulse and Dr Pry

April 3, 2016 @ 1:00 am

Tonight, myself and Terry will discuss EMP and Dr Pry,  Dr Pry is THE man who DHS and other Alphabet government organizations listen to when it comes to EMP and other information about National Security risk assessments,  Listen in tonight as we discuss what has changed and what we think might be occuring that the government is keeping under wraps for now.  Prepper group leaders need to listen to this episode and participate-yes it has some warnings for us.    

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Survival Post Kayak Fishing

April 1, 2016 @ 1:00 am

In this episode, we tackle kayak fishing.  This episode is pre-recorded.  All emails and phone numbers are no longer valid.

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